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Born and raised in the city of Hamilton On. My background and the heritage of my parents is Portuguese. I am lucky to have been brought up learning two cultures and languages. I am the first generation Canadian and very proud of my country and city in which I live. Being the daughter of immigrant parents taught me some very valuable lessons early in life which are pricelss...make an honest living and nothing good comes without hard work! I pride myself on my honest work ethic and dedication to my clients. 


I continue to make Hamilton my home and have chosen to raise my son in the city which I was raised in and have grown to admire. I am a mother to a fantastic cool dude and love being rooted in the community in which my son learns, plays, and calls home. Much of our past time is spent enjoying the natural beauty of the trails and outdoors that Hamilton has to offer.


I am a very Proud Hamiltonian! Love the seeing the wonderfully positive and vast changes to the city of Hamilton. The days of being the so called "Steel City" are over and now we refer to the city as the "Ambitious City"! From medical research centres, to art galleries, to small business owner boutiques and restaurants, to big box stores and strip plazas, to revived water front, to quickly trending areas throughout, to the city of business/commercial opportunity and gateway..we have come a long way! 


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