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Seeking new audiences, the countercultural desert festival is replanting its radical art at the Renwick Gallery in Washington. Touching (not burning) is encouraged.

3/23/2018 3:00:16 AM
Like Life: Sculpture, Color and the Body (1300-Now) (Exhibit)

Welcome to the dollhouse, sideshow, morgue, cabinet of wonders and art-thriller that is “Like Life” at the Met Breuer.

3/22/2018 4:58:19 PM

Two exhibitions — one in Milan, the other in Florence — examine art’s relationship to Italian politics, and find that the two are never far apart.

3/21/2018 2:41:07 PM

The New York native has been practicing performance art, the most ephemeral of forms, since the 1970s. Now she has the biggest museum show of her career.

3/21/2018 6:21:32 AM

At the American Museum of Natural History, “Unseen Oceans” shines a light on the animals that call the ocean home and the humans who study them.

3/22/2018 9:00:06 AM

Cynthia Rowley and Bill Powers and their children live in a West Village townhouse with loads of artwork, much of it whimsical.

3/21/2018 3:31:50 PM

The German photographer, as guest editor of a prestigious annual collection of essays, considers the increasing rejection of facts in political and social discourse.

3/22/2018 5:48:36 AM

Rachel Lee Hovnanian’s immersion room replicates a quiet forest. Can it cure New Yorkers’ nature-deficit disorder?

3/22/2018 4:06:44 PM

Because my family was so transitory, I grew up associating the idea of home less with a physical structure than with the objects that inhabited it.

3/23/2018 2:15:55 PM

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3/23/2018 3:23:40 PM